CodeMark offers you the latest Liquid Filling Machines

Telfafill Compact

Telfafill Compact brochure click here
This is the basic model, which covers most applications, including fully automatic operation in larger systems. In the Telfafill Compact the control unit, motor and pump form a single unit. The Telfafill Compact can be equipped with various different pumps and a number of different valves, ejectors and connections for different media.

Telfafill Split Mobil

Telfafill Split Mobil brochure click here

This machine is used when higher capacity is required and also when the product is viscous or contains large particles. It is supplied ready for use and is equally suitable whether the packets are fed in manually or with a conveyor.

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Telfafill Split Wall

Telfafill Split Wall brochure click here

In the Telfafill Split Wall the control cabinet is totally separate from the motor/pump unit.  The control cabinet is combined with an appropriate pump (see Pumps for Telfafill Split Wall, below) and can be adapted for virtually all types of filling.

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